Monday Musings || by JK No.0004

– my mother has a way of spreading cheer – she has not been feeling well for the past few days – so I called to inquire of her condition – she said she was doing a little better than yesterday and got out of the house – she had some chicken soup – an ice cream sundae – and went to a funeral – I asked what anyone might ask – who died – but not before chastising her for the consumption of the ice cream sundae – perhaps just feeling ill wasn’t enough for her – why not toss in a diabetic coma – I expected to hear of the passing of one of her ancient colleagues – for had it been any relation from either side – or a close friend of the family – I would have known who had died – the deceased was the son of a friend of hers – forty-four – and before I could ask the cause of death she launched into a woeful story – the gentleman worked in the arts – the theatre arts – and he never had any money – and he rode a motorcycle – and his wife and children left him – and he was depressed – and his house was in foreclosure – because he was irresponsible – and didn’t have any money – and did some theater something or other – so it was a suicide I said – and she said no – a heart attack – and I said maybe they just said that – and she said – could be – you never really get the whole story at a wake – she then inquired what I had been doing this week – and I told her I was researching a new composition – and I was basing the work to some degree on journals from the mid 19th century – and before I could express any excitement about where my research had lead – she clobbers me with a “what are you going to get for that?” – “are you going to get paid for that?” – well no mom it’s just a personal project – “well why don’t you do something that will make money?” – maybe it will make money – some day – I tell her – but too late – she has already dismissed it as trivial – which is a shame – and makes me want to send her some gift certificates to Baskin Robbins –

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