Monday Musings || by JK No.0005

– I never thought much about ICEE – until today – when I spied an ICEE man fixing the ICEE machine at the Walgreens on Wells street – and I was struck with envy – I thought – what a wonderful job – tending the world’s ICEE machines – wearing a uniform of Dickies Blue – an ICEE logo patch proudly displayed on the chest – it seemed so peaceful and fixed – make the ICEE machine make the ICEE – that’s it – a singular goal – I caught the ICEE man in an ICEE zen moment – staring blankly into the swirling – not yet frozen liquid colors – green, blue, red, orange – swirl – sticky sweet high fructose corn syrup – swirl swirl – unable to resist – I went to the ICEE site to search employment opportunities – but before getting very far – as quick as it came – the urge to be an ICEE man passed –

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