Monday Musings || by JK No.0009

– I should like to read a book titled “The Americanization of the Vegetable” – or something like that – but alas – I think it does not exist – there is a NYT op-ed piece titled “The Americanization of the Vegetable Garden” – but this has little to do with the book I would like to read – I would like to read a history – but not just when things arrived – snore – I would like to see preparation trends – when and how vegetable related things came into vogue – farm – city – restaurant – through the last few hundred years – with simple things included like why so many WWII movies show potatoes being peeled – I want to see where things went wrong – but also – where they went right – but I don’t want it to be too brainy-y science-y, or too organic-y preachy – or too pro-industry either – it need not be life changing – just “aha” inspiring – and fun – I would like to know who was canning what when and where and why – and everything about wax beans in the 60s’ and 70’s too – can you help me find such a book? – If not, could you write one for me? –

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