Monday Musings || by JK No.0010

– the fourth-day-in-a row family dinner – catered by the younger brother – and held at the mother’s home – was simple – and Chicago – and Portillo’s – it consisted of chopped salad, mostaccioli, and sausage and beef sandwiches – the highlight of the evening was the judging of the annual Boys versus Girls Gingerbread House Building and Decorating Contest – this year proved more difficult than past years – for while the girls’ house was creatively superior – the boys’ was so structurally sound that it merited award – deliberation was lengthy and circular – until – the grandmother made such an aggressive attempt to nudge popular opinion in favor of the girls’ house – it prompted her eldest grandson to boldly exclaim – “You only want to see your gender win!” – and when the group concurred that this was indeed the case – in all matters and subjects – and especially contests – a draw was declared – and no one was happy –

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