Monday Musings || by JK No. 0011

– is looking for something from childhood – no – not some lost innocence – and not “All About Egypt” – his favorite book from second grade – the one that had him convinced he was going to become an archaeologist – (and a part of him still wishes that he had or still will) – no – what he is looking for are Chun King Egg Rolls – miniature shrimp-filled pillows – they would magically appear – warm and crisp – at his house every New Year’s Eve – for the kids party – and today he wondered what memories tasting one might conjure – such parties they had – the children – always those egg rolls – and at midnight they ate creamed herring and washed their hands with money – John might not have washed hard enough – “oh for those egg rolls here and now,” he thought – and he searched for them today – returning home with nothing but a melancholic pang of nostalgia – and a shy disappointment –

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