Monday Musings || by JK No.00013

– people just don’t do epitaphs anymore – a pity – this is Edward Lyon – he died October 18, 1829 – aged 25 years 5 months and 27 days – I encountered his memory earlier this week – in an old cemetery – in Natchez, Mississippi –

Alas dear

 Edward in the bloom of youth
Relentless death has early claimed his prize.
Your manly mien – your honour, virtue, truth
Beneath his ruthless dart unconscious liesBut no – thy soul so spotless and so pure
Now soars above us on angelic wing
Well may we say in christian hope secure
Grave where is now thy victory, death thy sting

A widowed mother weeps and friends who love
A brother’s sighs proclaim their heartfelt love
But let them recollect his gain above
Far far exceeds their anguished love below

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