Monday Musings || by JK No.0014

– and now – I should like to share with you – How I Did The Math Today – aka – My Vegas Win – yesterday – about 2 p.m. – I received a letter from the VP of Hotel Operations at Caesar’s Palace – everyone in the Roman Tower did – it stated that due to an emergency – our water would be shut-off from 11 p.m. until 6 a.m. – it very matter-of-factly thanked us for our understanding – and said that if there was anything they could do to assist us with this inconvenience – to please call the desk – well – change my room to another tower is something I thought they could do – but they couldn’t – the hotel was booked solid – they offered a fifty-dollar food and beverage credit – but that was really of little help as my meals were planned elsewhere – and when it comes down to it – if you book a room – in a 4.5 star hotel – in a large US city – you expect access to water – whenever you need/want water – still – the fact remained that I would be without water for seven hours – no toilet flushing – no whore’s baths – no nothing – to be honest – it really wasn’t that big of a deal – until I thought “emergency” – in a real “emergency” the water would already be off – and then I thought – swindlers – keep the hotel booked solid – get the cash – inconvenience everyone – and then try to keep them in your restaurants – where the booze and tip is still going to cost them – your meal-credit only a springboard – and so I did the math – and upon checkout today – I presented the following numbers to an delightful front desk staff – and a very cranky manager –

Caesar’s Palace Single Night Rate – Pre-Paid room: $291.27

Check in is at 3 p.m.
Check out is at 11 a.m.
Total time of occupancy: 20 hours

Cost of the room per hour: $14.56

Hours when the room was not fit for use (no water)/not as advertised : 7

Total Amount Caesar’s Palace owes each Roman Tower Room Occupant who paid the rate of $291.27: $101.94

– I said that I wanted $101.94 deducted from my incidentals – the woman in line next to me – upon hearing this – jokingly asked me for my card – the desk attendant – a bit stunned – cracked-up and called for the manager – who initially refused to give me the credit – however – after an annoying ten-minute talking-in-circles standoff- she eventually yielded – chipping away at the bill – laboriously – item by item – slowly – grudgingly – until it was within pennies of my demand – I thanked her and politely suggested that perhaps every guest of the Roman Tower should be made aware of the wonderful service I received at the front desk – she was neither pleased nor amused –

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