Monday Musings || by JK No.0015

– it was a welcome spit in the face – the kind that makes one soft and pulpy – embarrassed – and brings into focus the sour foolishness of our age and more painfully – one’s own culpability – you see – I can’t say I have been the most pleasant chap since arriving last night – in fact – were my behavior observed for discussion – one might call it bratty – spoiled – even woefully entitled – complaining about the cheapness of the sun-tan-oil scented air at this hotel – and while the air-scent is terrible – the audacity of involving the booker in this madness – well after midnight – ranting about whatever five-star-level premium membership was in question – and demanding another hotel for this evening – and if this weren’t enough – shortly after – the frustrated foot-shifting – the pacing in place – the mad texting and grumbling – because the other gents so indulging – enjoyed their private table – refusing to get off their asses to retrieve me at the door – forcing a wait in the general riff-raff line for club entrance – oh the things one will not let rest – and really – how idiotic – and these numbskull mutterings continued well into this morning – grumbling on about the averageness of the spa services – and whatever else might exacerbate my surly surl – and then a most terrible wonderful thing happened – while working out – on a treadmill – in the coconut air – overlooking the pool – this spoiled brat of myself spies a tall lean boy – of maybe ten or eleven – shirtless – in red board shorts – walking toward the pool – he had a pronounced physical disability – a strange angular – almost sideways – posture and gait – that appeared to cause his spine to protrude – it was kind of disability you gaze upon with both curiosity and solemnity – now before you jump to a conclusion – this is not some melodramatic “there but for the grace of god go I” story – for my own demeanor was still very full of myself – and I looked upon this child only from the standpoint of observer – and surely there are more pitiable types in Las Vegas walking about – appearing normal – who would inspire greater compassion in the heart of a man than this boy – who began to walk the circumference of the pool – hobbling a bit – this strange gait where he would almost catch himself before falling – still the arms appeared almost useless for balance – I scanned the pool area for a parent – and sure enough – some distance away – there was a woman watching – who I presumed to be his mother – you could see she was nervous – concerned – but kept her distance – it was clear that she was giving this lad his independence – and the fellow was indeed determined – and after a long walk – for it is a very large oddly-shaped pool – he reached the hand-rail and the steps into the water – the mother – while still keeping her distance – shifted to a lounge-chair closer to the pool’s edge – and she and I both watched the boy maneuver himself into the pool – it was indeed a feat – and when he reached the second step – he reached down and touched the water – and then – the simplest and yet most remarkable thing happened – engaged – and with absolute abandon – he began to applaud – big overjoyed hand-claps – he applauded – and seeing this – my eyes bulged and puffed and teared unexpectedly – and freely – it was of no matter or thought – if the boy’s hand claps were for his accomplishment – or to celebrate the joy of the sensation of water – what was so moving – was that – so full – so complete – was his happiness – it deserved applause – and in witnessing this – I have been firmly and sternly whipped into shape –

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