Urban Culinary Adventure || South


We hadn’t been on an urban culinary adventure here in Chicago forever, so when Passport Delicious threw out some recommendations we turned it into an evening on the South Side. We visited six locations in Pilsen / Bridgeport / Chinatown areas, here is the run-down.


Pleasant House Bakery – I was so excited to find out about these place. Having returned from Australia just recently I was missing a decent pie place. And then this happened, we discovered Pleasant House Bakery & their delicious Royal Pies on the way to Maria’s. These are some seriously fantastic pies. I can’t wait to get back there for more. And a stand-out winner, the mushroom & kale pie and normally I won’t eat a pie without meat in it. This place rocks my world.

Pleasant House Bakery on Urbanspoon


Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar – How do you describe this place? Part-funhouse-part-cocktail-bar-part-brew-pub? Either way, check it out, it is an experience worth having that is for sure, even if the service is slow. Excellent selection of beers on tap, and they make some interesting sounding cocktails – we stuck with beer as the line was unusually long. Of note, Pleasant House Bakery will deliver your goods to the bar so you can enjoy them with a drink or two = bonus + another reason to visit.


Birreria Reyes De Ocotlan – This spot is all about the goat, and the goat soup/consommé is what you should stop in for, deliciously rich but somehow light, it was a delightful surprise, along with the service, so friendly and filled with smiles.

Birreria Reyes de Ocotlan on Urbanspoon


Skylark – A tidy little dive bar, with surly service as you would expect, cheap drinks and a old-school-chicago-bar experience worth having, especially if you are waiting for a table at Nightwood. They serve food too – top of the list tater-tots – yum!

Skylark on Urbanspoon


Simone’s Bar – The other end of the Pilsen bar scene is this place. The decor is ‘hipster-chic’ made from recycled pinball machines, bowling alley lanes & an assortment of other factory parts. It is really creative in design, very comfortable, good friendly service, and an interesting beer selection. They have a decent food menu too. Another spot to check-out.

Simone's on Urbanspoon


Lao Sze Chuan – We had previously been introduced to this spot on a food tour, I loved their spicy fried chicken this was a no-brainer to call in for some more once we hit Chinatown. The salt & pepper prawns where also a great end to a 5 hour food & cocktail tour. We were too stuffed for dessert & just as well, by the time we passed Saint Anna Bakery & Cafe it was closed.


Looking forward to the next Urban Adventure.


3 responses to Urban Culinary Adventure || South

  1. hannabird

    LOVE phb — their “fry-day” fish and chips special is the highlight of my week.

    and I’m putting those goat tacos on my to-eat list. great post on southside gems!


  2. Crista

    i LOVE this! I’ve been dying to take a tour through Pilsen and haven’t gotten around to it. This inspires me to do so (after the weather warms up!)


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