Roast Chicken || Barley & Mushrooms


I spied this recipe created by Donna Hay on the pages of Living Etc Magazine viewed on Zinio. It looked so delicious I almost licked the screen of my iPad. It is so EASY to make and super delicious. Here are the details over on this blog. We ditched the brandy marinating part on the chicken, but followed all the other steps. Let me know what you think – YUMMO?



2 responses to Roast Chicken || Barley & Mushrooms

  1. Turkeywithstuffin

    Pearl Barley is a real blast from the past for me. A cupboard stock item in my Grandad’s kitchen. He used to boil it up and drink the juice and would swear by it’s kidney cleaning properties.

    It is not something on the supermarket shelves in Turkey so I have some brought out now and then. I made my Turkish husband one of my Grandads’s favorites; ‘Oxtail stew with Pearl Barley. He cleaned the plate’!

    I will give this recipe a go, thank you :-)


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