Hot Doug’s || Chicago Institution


How many Hot Dog joints have there own wiki-page?
This one does – Hot Doug’s , a Chicago Culinary Institution and a must visit for all locals & visitors from anywhere. Lines form everyday, so get here early to avoid standing in long lines with peeps departing / or on arrival into Chicago with luggage in-tow. Cheap, cheerful & value for $$$$.


Holy-load-of-Foie-Gras! We are in for decadence, but this dog could ease up on the Foie, a smear would be fine, but none-the-less a tasty treat, and the extra foie-gras is great smeared on the fries.


This dog is a fave [well for at least this visit], hands down, pure hot-dog perfection. The sausage snaps, the butter & garlic are all in harmony, get this dog while it’s hot.


The grits gave a good-&-respectful nod to any decent southern dining establishment, the flavor profile went way further shrimp & grits vs. hot-dog, so I guess it lives up to its name. Another winner.


PS. As an Australian, you have to luv that they also have an ode to one of our musical icons Paul Kelly.

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