Monday Musings || by JK No.0019

On Who Make The Rules And Suckers – I have been playing the game Sushi Mushi on my iPad mini – quite regularly – obsessively – a little too much – perhaps – justifying this – by telling myself – that – in some way this game – where one plays a crazy sushi-eating-monster-fish collecting sushi rolls – a food I have never enjoyed – is somehow good – for my visual perception – and overall mental agility — if you don’t know the game – it is quite simple really – multi-colored sushi rolls of various playskool shapes – star, square, circle, diamond – appear on the iPad – you string them together to collect at lest three of a kind – by shape or color – there are also special rolls that give you bonus points – or up your belt level – the belts are similar to those in martial arts — like many games – you play friends or unknown opponents from around the globe – and – after three rounds – the sushi-monster with the most sushi rolls wins – period – plain and simple – except it is not so simple – like life – the wealthier you are – the greater your chances of winning – in fact – it’s almost guaranteed – as you play – you are collecting sushi monster-cash for your wins – and whenever a fortune cookie appears – you play a slot machine for monster-cash – – and what do you do with this cash? – well here’s the corker – essentially – you use it to manipulate the game – if desired – you can buy an extra 20 seconds on the clock – you can have top-scoring sushi rolls highlighted so you can string them together without thinking – you can even shuffle the board if you don’t like the layout – first this appears harmless – you won – you get a little muscle – some bragging rights – but the thing is – there are other ways to defishalize a sushi-monster – you see – you don’t make much monster-cash from winning or – like at an Indian Casino – from the slots – in fact – the game keeps the average player – the honest players – at the poverty level – let’s say it keeps you in cigarettes and beer and low-income housing – and sadly – the amount of cash received for a win – apart from being nominal – has nothing to do with your developing skill or how well you played – it is a fixed rate for a win – no matter how hard you try – you will never get much further along – oh maybe some summer you can forgo the neighboring dunes vacation for a Southwest Flight to Kansas City to see your cousins – but you are not creating wealth of any sort – still – the excitement of play is deceiving enough to keep you in the game – you hope talent and skill will win out – but you’re never really getting anywhere – which would be okay – harmless – if this system applied to everyone – but it doesn’t – the wealthy – are exempt – you see – the rich guys – the real rich guys – are kicking your ass all over Japantown — in order to facilitate a win – to put the opposing player at a disadvantage – you must cheat – legally – by some rules you had no part in making – to do so – you just buy more monster-cash – with real cash – cash money cash like US Dollars, Euro, Emerati Dirhim – you get the idea — you pay to throw the game — and it wasn’t until a few moments ago – as I was buying 2,500 in monster-cash for $1.99 in real cash – that it finally hit me – and hit me hard – how ruthless – on this sushi-laden playing field – I had become – using real monetary-power to crush – to kill – to destroy – hopes – dreams – the innocent – trading real cash for false pride – yes it hit me hard – what a woeful f@#k I am – a pawn in a machine that dreams and preaches freedom yet breeds discontent and malice – so deep as to deceive – to alter – the once pure at heart – I am ashamed – Sushi Mushi was no longer about mental agility – and visual perception – – it was about winning – winning at all cost – castrating the poor – ethics be damned – this pathetic man – ego-tossing $1.99’s with grotesque hubris – for what – to be the top sushi-monster – I never liked sushi in the first place – such a deplorable weakness I have discovered – within me – this morning –

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