Adopting || Preparing for a Dog


I am not sure how I convinced my husband after all these years, but finally he said we can get a dog! Not wanting to lose momentum on that ‘yes’ our house quickly filled with dog products in preparation for a rescue mutt. Holy load of stuff! This dog is going to be one spoilt 4 legged furry family member. Here is a run down on the loot:

Doca Pet Bowls & Feeding & Watering Stand
Simple Human Dog Food Storage Container
Interactive Dog Feeder to keep them guessing
Water Bottle for on the go.

Tennis ball on a rope
Kong – Knotted Frog Tug Toy
KONG The Beast Tube Dog Toy
Fetch Stick Dog Treat Holder
Tennis Balls
Soft chewable Berber bone

Crate why are these things the ugliest designed item on earth?
Sleeping when we are at home

Eco-friendly Dog Poo Bags
Dog Poop Bag dispenser

Now off to search the pages of Paws Chicago and to make some visits to seek out the perfect family addition.


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