Monday Musings || by JK No.0021

‎- is there a polite way to decline an invitation to a dinner party of nudists – without offending the host – and without seeming prudish? – I don’t mind being naked around other people – but – I prefer to choose the people – I’m going to be naked around – I get it – and I’m all for lifting the nudity ban in San Francisco – and I think clothing optional clubs are fun – but a naked dinner party? – cocktails perhaps? – where you can stand around – and exhibit good posture – but a sit down dinner? – such a quandry – making me feel like such a stick in the mud –


  • Tell the host you would love to come but you are stuck in mud.
  • “I would love to come, but my birthday suit has a few wrinkles in it. If I can iron them out before your party, I will be there with bells on — if one if allowed to wear bells at a nudist party.”
  • “Thank you for the invitation. I have a rash.”
  • You cannot deprive us of FB updates from a nudist dinner party. You have to go.
  • You’d love to and don’t think your virulent rash is contagious.
  • Just say you have a conflicting engagement with another nudist dinner.
  • Just say that you’ve already committed to another event that evening. What if you spilled soup or gravy or coffee on your lap? No trousers and/or underwear to buffer the pain. Not good.
  • Omg
  • Just tell them you have a tendency towards naked aggression and therefore don’t attend such events.
  • What’s for dinner?
  • If the menu blows, just say you’ve got GI issues. Flatulence is a good enough reason. If the menu’s good, definitely GO!!
  • And heaven forbid its a glass top table.

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