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An Aussie friend has put himself out there and written & published his first book. I always admire people who brave giving up their paying day-jobs to pursue their passions. So it is with both pride & admiration that I introduce you to Jeremy Godwin & his first published book titled Real Life – buy a copy today here!.

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What inspired you to write your first book?
I’ve always had a somewhat-unhealthy obsession with pop culture and so I decided to write a book that brought together some of the most scandalous rumors and outrageous-yet-true stories of what really goes on behind the scenes of a hit television show.

Where did you write your book?
Well, I started writing ‘Real Life’ one night 10 years ago. My partner was away as my mother-in-law was in hospital, and as I sat down at the computer suddenly an idea for a novel came to me. In the next hour, the first 18 pages practically wrote themselves. I wrote most of the book in the next year then put it on the back-burner while I focused on my corporate career. Then, in 2013, I decided it was time for a life change and part of that involved launching my career as an author.

What books have most influenced your life?
There are too many to mention, as I love reading. However I will admit that one of the first novels that I fell in love with was ‘Lucky’ by Jackie Collins. I bought it when I was in my early teens and instantly fell in love with her character portrayals and insights into the hidden heart of Hollywood. Since then I’ve read every one of her books – I know it’s hardly Tolstoy, but Jackie Collins’ novels are my guilty pleasure!

If you had to choose, who would you consider a mentor for your writing?
I would choose three – J.K. Rowling, Jackie Collins and Belle de Jour (aka Brooke Magnanti). J.K. Rowling because her imagination is so vivid and she managed to create an entire world that has enchanted millions. Jackie Collins because she has built an amazing career, selling over 500 million books and counting. And Brooke Magnanti, who wrote ‘The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl’ under her pen/working name of Belle de Jour and shocked the literary world with the tales of her time as an escort whilst delivering an amazingly well written series of works. I find all of these authors inspirational for their works and their ability to be true to their own vision.

What book[s] are you reading now?
I’m reading two books, as I usually run with something serious and something frothy so I can switch based on my moods. Currently it’s ‘Mary Ann in Autumn’ by Armistead Maupin, author of the acclaimed ‘Tales of the City’ novels, as well as ‘Drinking and Tweeting’ by Brandi Glanville, one of the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ (I am utterly obsessed with that show!).

Do you see writing as a career?
Absolutely! I’ve been slaving away in corporate management for more years than I care to admit, and now it’s time to do something for me. It’s actually more of a challenge to market and sell a book than it is to write it, but it’s a challenge that I’m absolutely loving.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
I started writing when I was six – I loved creative writing classes and I think my first short story was called something like ‘The Time I Went Forward in Time’. I’ve loved it ever since and I write for relaxation and enjoyment; it’s only now that I have finally started to do something with all of the things I’ve written over the years.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?
Without question it would be the editing process. Doing multiple edits can be exhausting and, since I’m such a perfectionist, it takes ages. Although I must say that the whole editing process teaches you patience and acceptance – even after four edits for this book I still found two minor errors after publishing. I almost had a meltdown when I noticed them, until I accepted the fact that I couldn’t do anything about it once it was published!

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Just believe in yourself and write what you believe in!

What adventure comes next ???
I’m currently editing my second novel – it’s called ‘Wilberforce’. It’s set in the 1990’s and is based on a crazy group of people I lived with in my late teens as well as being inspired by my love of the original series of ‘Melrose Place’. I’m also working on storyboards for upcoming novels – one called ‘Unreality’, about reality television, and one called ‘The Day I Died’, about someone who leaves their family to start a new life. And, of course, I’m busy promoting ‘Real Life’

About the book.
In a society obsessed with celebrity culture, we all want to know what really happens behind closed doors, even if we won’t admit it. Discover the inner workings of a hit television show in the exhilarating new novel ‘Real Life’, based on scandalous behind-the-scenes stories from the entertainment industry!

‘Real Life’ tells the story of Alison Peters, who is in charge of Public Relations for the global hit series called Real Life. The owner of the show, powerful media mogul Richard Harrison, wants Alison to generate more headlines by spilling the secrets of the cast and crew to the world. Will she succumb to his demands or will she take control and expose Richard for the evil dictator that he really is?

‘Real Life’ is available now exclusively at in Paperback and eBook formats – visit to find out more and order the book by clicking here.


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