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LA1 copy

Remeber that NOLA guide I created because I could never find the perfect travel guide so I took matters into my own hands and started creating my own. Well here is one that I created a year ago but have been too busy with work to get scanned, from our trip to LA. It was simply put together by gathering recommendations from friends, cutting out news articles, printing pieces from blogs, clippings from magazines you name it. All of it is then either: cut; pasted; hand written; and/or taped to the pages of a Moleskine book — and away we go. These are a few of my fave pages from the LA book – scanned for Passport Delicious as she is about to head to LA on her first trip ever [Here is the PDF version –> LA-Travel-Guide-2012].



6 responses to LA || Travel Guide

  1. Fille Pompette

    This is so cool! As an LA native it’s really wonderful to see someone put this much work and creativity into a guide about such a great place that often gets a bad wrap for being inaccessible, you make it look so fun. Absolutely love it x


    • Valentine Post Author

      I have several of them going at once and add things I find in my web surfing & magazine gazing … for all the places I intend to visit in the next 6 – 12 months …


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