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We are back from a whirlwind tour of Kentucky, a few days  of road tripping thru: food, bourbon, a fancy farm dinner, original settlements, shaker villages, horse farms & southern hospitality. There are more details to come over the next few posts. For now, here is the low down on some spots we discovered or were tipped off about to EAT | SEE | SHOP – LOUSIVILLE.

Please & Thank You – Coffee & records (and food); A friend bought a record here and what she claims is maybe the best chocolate chip cookie ever! We tried it and think hands down it truly is THE BEST ever.
Garage Bar  – An old garage turned restaurant / bar serving pizzas, cocktails and other yummy casual food.
Harvest – Popular on blogs & food reviews, seems like those that go like it.
Taco Punk – Hungry? Need a quick bite? Head here for some good tacos.
Cake Flour – Great little bakery downtown.
Mayan Cafe – Great little Mayan/mexican food – also on Market.
Rye – As they say ‘something that pushes the senses & comforts the soul’.
Proof on Main – Great food for dinner & a nice bar  – a must.
Holy Grale – A beer & food hall in an old church, and there is ONLY beer here no wine or bourbon or diet coke.
The Blind Pig – A gastropub – that had me at oyster fritters in a champagne batter.
Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe – Good spot for brunch in Cresent Hill.





Cherokee Park – A lovely, and large Olmsted park.
The Brown Hotel – Historic hotel on the national registery and good news you can rest & sip on a mint julep & snack on a ‘hot brown‘.
Churchill Downs – Take a behind the scenes tour of the host for the Kentucky Derby.
Mega cavern – Zipline underground in 17 miles of corridors under the city.
The curated art of 21c Museum hotel, even changing and free.




Scout – Cute little shop – also on Market.
The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall – Two floors filled with loads of treasures – we could have cleared the place out if we had a truck.
Goss Antique Mall – Huge antique mall near Germantown.

Here are some links to some good articles for reference / research:
GQ Magazine – The manliest town in America
Southern Living – 48 Hours in Louisville & The perfect eating day in Louisville & Best Louisville Restaurants
East Market area downtown is fun filled with restaurants & small shops.


7 responses to Kentucky || Louisville

  1. Anushree Basu-Bhalla

    Lovely images! Dreaming of the oyster fritters in champagne batter by The Blind Pig :-)


  2. Grace @ Cultural Life

    I’ve just finished reading a book which is set in 1930s Kentucky (“Calling Me Home” by Julie Kibler – an excellent book if you’re looking for an enthralling novel!) and I’m curious about the state. It sounds amazing, especially the mega cavern. Seventeen miles of zipline corridors: wow! Did you try it out?


    • Valentine Post Author

      We didn’t have enough time to try it out … at XMAS you can drive the caves in your car past the XMAS lights.


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