Art Camp || Photo Project

What is ART CAMP?  It is an annual event, with 2013 being its 5th Anniversary, held at Camp Wandawega, and is organized by Angela Finney, the official ART CAMP COUNSELOR. Angela personally invites a collective of creative types from all fields: painters, designers, illustrators, sculptors, writers, composers, photographers, stylists – you name it. They gather together for a weekend and create & inspire. Holy-load-of-intimidation, the talent that surrounded us that weekend – AMAZING. We loved every minute of the experience and walked away having meet some wonderful new people to call friends. Thank-you Angela & Camp Wandawega for your endless creatively & for dreaming up such a wonderful experience.

ART-CampWandawega from Roam & Home on Vimeo.

Over the weekend we all worked on art projects of all descriptions. I am still editing my work, a photography project. In the meantime, above is a sneak-peak behinds the scene … the finished portraits .. I will share shortly.



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