Art Camp || Family Feast




When we headed up to Camp Wandawega a few week ago to attend Art Camp, myself, not being super ‘artsy’, attended as cook for Friday lunch & dinner. I had a blast figuring out a stress free & economical way to feed 38+ starving artists, and collaborating with the lovely & super creative Linsey Burritt of Indo on dessert.


Here is the menu & some links to recipes that were utilized as inspiration:

Green Gazpacho 
Roasted & Fresh Tomato Coucous Salad with fresh herbs
Citrus Salad with Cotija & Pepitas 
Blanched bean & snowpea salad
Ancho Rubbed Chicken or Grilled Portabello mushrooms [for the veggies]
Crusty grain bread
Pound Cake with fresh berries & cream.

All of these recipes can all be prepped &/or made ahead of time to make for quick & easy serving for large groups.











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