Colombia || Bogotá long weekend


Heading out-of-town on a whim for the long weekend. We are going to hit up Bogotá with Passport Delicious. It should be an entertaining adventure. Have you ever been? Have any suggestions? This is what we have so far:
Check out some goodies collected by Passport Delicious over here, and some inspirational pieces on Pinterest here.

These are some stand-out resources to check into:

Here are some other scrappy planning notes that have been piled together with the help of Passport Delicious


  • Masa: Bakery and sandwich spot. Croissants, breads. Sounds good for breakfast or lunch.
  • Harry Sasson: fancy-smancy food & decor – supposed to be absolutely gorgeous in an old historic building.
  • Also from chef Harry Sasson his casual – Club Colombia for more classic style food.
  • Mercado – casual with eclectic decor, local ingredients, modern Columbian cuisine.
  • Abasto: Is a grocery store / restaurant – and draws a crowd.
  • Bogota Beer Company for sampling some Colombian beer
  • El Gato Gris : Fusion food – american influenced / french / creole
  • El Patio Restaurante: Super romantic



Would love any tips or ideas? 
I hope you are planning some travels of your own.
Cheers! I will add to the list as recommendations come in, so check back in.

PS. We are back – For all things Bogotá click here & see my fellow travelers – here & here.


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