Bogotá || food tour


We joined a food tour the first day we were in Bogotá. It is a great way to ease into a first time visit to the city. We went on a leisurely tour through the Chapinero neighborhood sampling dishes and sipping refreshments over a 2.5hr adventure. The focus was on traditional foods and of course showcasing the amazing array of fruits Colombia has on hand.

Here is a quick whizz thru what we ate & drank on tour ….


The drink above is called ‘Refajo‘. It is a popular Colombian cocktail made with beer and coke or the local version called ‘Colombiana’, and it is frequently an accompaniment to ‘Asados‘ bbq’d meat. To be tried, but not sure I am a fan – too sweet.


The soup above is so delicious it is called ‘Ajiaco‘ comfort food for the soul [here is a recipe]. You can’t come to Bogota without trying this hearty meal, but you might want to be prepared to take a nap afterwards.



After empanadas [see above], the crispy little morsels that are a hugely popular item on the menu [they ring up more than 1/2 the revenue at Las Margaritas], soup & beer it was time for some sweets. We popped into a little cafe & sampled fermented rice & almond milk along with sweet bread with guava paste. Great little sugar hit to power us onto the next location.


Next stop was a Fruit Shop. The fruit alone is worthy of a visit to Colombia, there are so many fruits that are unique to this part of the world, and all are delicious, with wonderful smells and textures. MMMMmmmm so dashed-darn-good.


This fruit is called the ‘guanabana’ and I can’t help but sing this song in my head when I say the word. Delicious tasting, great as a juice, or shove it in a cocktail.






There were so many things to try, but not enough time. The favorite was the Lulu fruit, who’s juice also makes a great cocktail, and we can never turn down a passionfruit. The avocados are huge and also sweet. Yep Colombian’s have a sweet tooth that is for sure.


Then it was onto sample some more empanadas, ’cause you can never have too many. These were served up with the delicious peanut sauce. There was a final stop, but we were not allowed to take pictures [why I have no idea they sell these all over the place] of the wafer thin round waffle sandwich with caramel sauce in the middle. My palate tends to go to salt, and this point I was in sugar overload – but the bite I took – it was good. OK so I didn’t do a good job recalling all the fine details – I just know it was a tasty walk worth taking. Check it out here.

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