Hong Kong || the chairman



We ended up dining at The Chairman on a Chef’s recommendation. We previously dined a few doors down at Ronin [Japanese deliciousness], they recommended when in Beijing to go to Okra [more Japanese goodness], and the Chef at Okra said when back in Hong Kong go to ‘The Chairman’, so we did. We were only able to get in for Lunch, this is a popular destination, however, emailing the restaurant they are fast to respond and truly do their best to accommodate you.


They are a little tricky to find, yet once you arrive you are pleasantly greeted with open arms & efficient service. The restaurant specializes in Cantonese cuisine with a focus on fresh local ingredients. The menu is not pages long, but there is a decent selection. We allowed our server [Arta] to assist with the ordering so that we didn’t end up with too much.

We started with a crisp & refreshing palette cleanser of – cherry tomatoes pickled in basil reduction with lemongrass on pickled yam. Followed by wild clams stir fried with chilli jam and basil – they were just the right amount of heat and got our appetites excited for more.


Next-up, was one of our favorite dishes – the smoked baby pigeon with longing tea, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, although there was not a huge amount of meat – it was a baby.


The deep-fried crab meat and mushrooms dumplings were delicate & delicious – a very complex dish to assemble as they are encased in thin slices of pork fat to create the shell.



The main courses consisted of braised & fried spare ribs with preserved plums in caramelized black vinegar – finger lickin’ good. Paired with the house speciality – The Chairman’s soy sauce chicken – totally drool worthy [warning – licking screen will not result in experiencing this & other dishes]. We did have some braised vegetables in case you were wondering, and soaked up all the sauces in rice.


We rounded out the dining experience with – warm almond sweet soup | ginger ice-cream | wolf berry ice-cream. We then headed [waddled] out into the streets for a much-needed walk. YUM.



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