China – the great wall



We made it. We got to visit ‘The Great Wall of China‘. When we reached the top of the mountain at Mutianyu and we started our walk on the wall there were about 8-10 people, and randomly a ownerless little dog [part Toto part Lassie] wandering around. Within 20-30 minutes we had the entire section of the wall to ourselves, yeah you know why? no other idiot was going to endure the freezing temperatures that were dropping faster than Miley Cyrus on Robin Thicke.


C-Bob-Foto captured these pictures, it really is something to experience once in a lifetime. The wall rides the ridges of the mountain tops so effortlessly, although walking on it was a little challenging. We were surprised to learn that they purposely made the paths uneven, or filled with optical illusions so as invading soldiers would be disoriented and fall as they tried to attack. Steps were all different heights & paths sometimes abruptly ended into a pit, you really had to be familiar with the path to be able to navigate it at a quick pace.




After all the walking up and down, in and out, and getting down-right giddy having to watch our step as we walked the wall, we made a quick descent to the comfort of a warm car for the trip back to Beijing via a toboggan ride. I know crazy right! Such a fun way to get down. There are two chairlifts or the option of walking down the mountain, but this was too much fun to resist.

This final shot, our guide Lisa [from this small and fantastic tour group] took of us as proof of our visit to ‘The Great Wall of China’. Now we can cross that one-off our ‘TO DO’ list. NEXT!



19 responses to China – the great wall

  1. leahnotlia

    It looks like you went to a really well restored area of the wall. I’m living in Beijing right now, and headed out there recently but to keep away from crowds we went to a part of the wall that was half falling apart. pretty in its own way because of it though. And it sounds like a little warmer than when you went.


  2. Chris Hickey

    The article and photographs are fantastic!

    I’m studying abroad too this upcoming spring in Hong Kong!
    I’ve always wanted to visit the Great Wall. I hope your trip was amazing!
    I’d really appreciate it if you’d follow my journey through Asia by following my blog too!

    Chris :D


  3. khuaaa

    I love living vicariously through you in this post! I have family in Beijing, and we used to climb the wall during the summer–on the opposite end of freezing, it’s not all too much better. But it makes me happy seeing other people loving Beijing too.


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