Chiberia – colder than cold


Everything is frozen. Chicago has been transported to Chiberia today, this is the coldest weather I think I have ever experienced in my life. It is crazy at -26*C [-14*F] and then add in the windchill factor and you get -42*C [-45*F]. That is one of the lowest temperatures on record. In fact, it is so crazy cold that you can instantly turn boiling water into snow [see below].

Stay warm if you are in this ‘polar vortex‘. Biggest issue at our house whilst weathering the cold temperatures – we ran out of Letherbee Gin last night leaving us at Death’s Door! Somehow I think we will make it.



12 responses to Chiberia – colder than cold

  1. peruvianashop

    Hi Valentine, Toronto is as cold as Chicago right now – did you guys experience power outage for a week during Christmas like we did? Great photos, by the way – I noticed that this particular photo of yours appears smaller on my reader/ feed page and your Great Wall photo is much larger. I’ve been trying to get mine to be large too, to no avail – any tips? Greatly appreciated.


    • Valentine Post Author

      We had power loss when visiting the on-laws in Michigan over XMAS but we had gas water, heat & cooking so it wasn’t too bad. As for the photos – no tips I am afraid – but if I figure out what I did I will let you know : )


  2. Mary

    Add our 14 inches of snow and -9 degrees serious drinks are called for. Did you have a Death’s door nail? Walking the dog is tough we have to dig out a landing zone. Stay warm.

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    • Valentine Post Author

      We too have piles of snow – we have run out of room to place it in our tiny backyard – at least Banksy has long legs to navigate it ; ) Stay warm.


  3. purborinisulistiyo

    Having lived in a tropical country almost all of my life, I can’t really imagine your situation but I believe too cold is not a very nice weather to live in. Hope the weather will be better soon.


    • Valentine Post Author

      It is not the most pleasant weather – but it sure makes for magical street scene – its nicer to look at than have to be in : )


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