1. Louis Vuitton – Oden MM  2. Coach – Thompson Transit Bag 3. Pierre Hardy – BV01 Crossbody Messenger 4. Phillip Lim – Ryder Satchel  5. Elizabeth & James – Cynnie Satchel

I am currently obsessed with finding the perfect travel bag. During our trip to Hong Kong my favorite bag had a nasty run-in with a subway turnstile. That bag and I have traveled some miles together, but it is time to move on and get a new day bag, one to go with my recent issue of an American Passport after becoming a Naturalized American [Jan 28th 2014]. So here are my fave’s so far? I know some of my picks are pricey, but my last bag was with me for 10 years and served me well. I want it to be day-to-night and look ready to take me anywhere from street-food to fine dining. It needs to be able to fit: a water bottle; a camera; an emergency raincoat; a wallet; a few cosmetics & a map or compact guidebook / journal. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions?


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  1. Garry

    I love to travel all around the world and all time I preferred Rockland Pink Cross 19 Rolling Carry-On with Tote will stand out and hold up. I plan new york niagara falls bus tours for coming summers vacation. During this tour I must take this bage. It is best for families to save money and Live better.



    I LOVE my LV. Mines a little bit larger then the one you like. But I travel with two kids. It has a bunch of pockets which is great. It’s easier to find things quickly when you have pockets. Plus, Louis bags are timeless, go with every outfit and last forever.


    • Valentine Post Author

      Do you know which model you have? I would love to check it out .. the Odeon MM is actually no longer made and they only have the PM available : ( … I will likely have to get it on ebay or a reseller.



        I have the Métis. The only thing I do not like about it is there is not snap or zipper at the top. Although, I usually stuff it so much that if I did have a zipper, I wouldn’t be able to close it. Darn kids stuff!
        Yikes, eBay? Do you trust the sellers. The fakes look so real. I would try a high end second hand store or consignment store before going online to buy it.

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      • Valentine Post Author

        Yes the Zipper on the top is key for travel … from my POV … especially when wandering thru crowded streets / subways / markets ….


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