next stop || JAMAICA

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This month we are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary, with a need to escape this ridiculously snowy-arctic-cold Chicago winter [a.k.a ‘Chiberia’], we selected Jamaica as our destination. With non-stop flights from Chicago we are going to fly into Montego bay and then hit up two locations: Negril & Oracabessa Bay. We have started a list, but would love your suggestions & recommendations. Please add them into the comments below.

[Photos: Goldeneye & Tensing Pen]

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  • Cosmo’s Restaurant and Bar – For the best fried and roasted fish with Escovitch,  curried goat, bammy, and rice and peas, while dining next to locals.
  • Pushcart (at Rockhouse) – For the best “cliff side” restaurant and bar and roots rock reggae music (the band is called The Overtakers).
  • Juici Patty – Best Jamaican beef patty.
  • Rick’s Cafe – Best place for sunsets.

Oracabessa Bay / Ochos Rios 

  • Ok this area is not exactly known for restaurants? But if anyone has any tips we are all ears.
  • Evita’s – Italian fine dining in an adorable gingerbread house.
  • Scotchie’s – Best jerk chicken on the island as they say.

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Oracabessa Bay / Ochos Rio 

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  • The Caves – High-end rustic cliff top accommodation.
  • The Rockhouse – Locally owned rustic & low key luxury.
  • Tensing Pen – Founded in the 70’s as a secluded getaway.

Oracabessa Bay / Ochos Rio 

  • Goldeneye – The home of Ian Fleming – writer of 12 James Bond novels. The lagoon cottages allow you to jump right into the sea from your patio.
  • Jamaica Inn – A favorite since the 1950’s here time stands still.

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Whilst booking accomodation I came across Pack for a Purpose – this is a great organization that, in their own words “Small space. Little effort. Big impact”. They ask travelers to pack supplies for the community and leave them with participating resorts. It seriously is effortless, head to amazon, fill your cart & pack the goodies & go [or donate online]. We have loaded up on alphabet cards, wall charts, colored pencils & good ole’ #2 pencils ready to bring smiles to teachers & kids faces in Jamaica. Brilliant idea – well done Rebecca & Scott Rothney, we will be checking the list for each of our  destinations from here on in before we travel.


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