Passport Delicious was having a bit of a travel dilemma recently trying to determine a Hanoi Hotel to stay in during her trip to Vietnam. Having traveled together, and both liking similar hotel standards, she asked me for my point-of-view. Here is what I had to say on where to STAY: 

I would consider the Hotel de L’Opera, it is a lovely historic building, although it is borderline a little too chintzy chic – but still charming.

This ‘tourist-class’ B&B/hotel l- Hanova Hotel looks fun, I would go for the more expensive rooms, by they are still under $100 USD a night.

Personally – I think I would book the Sofitel Legend Metropole it is also a beautiful historic building and looks authentic in it’s charm, to me it’s location & rooms as a single traveller look the most secure & comfortable of all the options. And I would book it thru Agoda – I find that for Asia – this is the best site to book hotels , they always have good rates, & have a great rewards program.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: The UK Guardian had some good recommendations; along with this article in the NYTimes; and a CN Travel Guide.

Totally off-course, but I added to my Hanoi wish list a cruise on Ha long Bay. Beautiful & stunning when I google images. This cruise looks like a lovely way to explore the area on an overnight trip.

And of course, thru my research I came across a few other gems. I put in requests for Passport Delicious to check-out, so I could do some ‘armchair travels’.

17BITES-articleLargeEAT: I asked her to visit this restaurant as it sounded interesting & fun adventure.
SEE: I also was asking her to make an early morning rise to see the flower markets.

[Photos sourced from Links]

Have you been to Hanoi? What Hotel would you recommend? 
Do you have a travel question? Send a note & we will see if we can help you.


6 responses to q&a || HANOI HOTEL

  1. Nikonax

    I was like Hanova. I found him as nedarogoy hotel online cluberia.com. The rooms are very nice and clean. Soft bed. I liked))


  2. rudyhou

    oh my. they all look exquisite. i’m so torn. i live not too far from vietnam yet i never been to the country.


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