Travel Essentials - Shoe.001 Travel Essentials - Shoe.002

1. Bruno Magli – Glitter Loafers 2. Superga – Slip On Sneaker 3. Phillip Lim – Bombay Loafer  4. Adidas – Low Top 5. Salvatore Ferragamo – Pacau 6. Sperry Top Sider – for Jeffrey CVO

OK now I am turning myself mad in the search for finding the perfect travel shoe [sorry gents – I will look for you some other time].  I need something that is stylish for European Vacations that won’t be out of place at lunch or dinner.  I love to walk everywhere, and I am no spring chicken, I need support in my shoe, so most ballerina flats are out, as they don’t leave much between the leather sole & my aching arches after 2 hours of walking. I picked up a pair of Superga in Hong Kong and they were great, but I want something ideally in black and a tad more sophisticated & polished than a sneaker. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions?

OH! My obsession turned to shoe hunting after I FINALLY found myself what I consider the perfect travel bag. I am now ready to rock my next vacation with this number [below], a Marni handbag that is like a transformer, it can be a; backpack; hobo; shoulder bag; and most importantly a handsfree cross-body bag. It is lightweight, has a zipper and I love that the lining is green so you can see the contents easily. Love it!

Travel Essentials - Shoe.003


10 responses to research || PERFECT TRAVEL SHOE

  1. rudyhou

    my pick is no.4. no.1+3 seem too formal and not meant for long walks. while no.5+6 are too similar in look with no.2, which you already own. i have high arches on my feet and so i know it’s damn hard to find that perfect shoes for long walks. good luck.


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