next stop || LONDON

Where in the world do you begin with a list for London, so many places, so little time. It has been a few years since I last visited and I am eager to return. I am headed there for two reasons: 1] I will be attending the Chowzter 2014 ‘Tastiest Fast Feasts in the World Awards’ & they have a fantastic 3 day line-up of events [see post below]; 2] I have added on a few days to spend with a good friend eating & drinking our way past & sometimes visiting London icons. Here is my list so far, lots of good stuff by Passport Delicious who lived in & truly loves London. Check out all the places that I have mapped on Bon Voyaging.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.47.23 PM

  • Gymkhana – spied this in a magazine, sounds amazing, indian food, room looks lovely
  • Benares – I am sensing a theme – Indian – Michelin starred and nice cocktails
  • Cinnamon Club – Indian

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.46.59 PM

  • Borough Market – The food market at London Bridge, has its touristy moments too but it’s still a bit more real. Great food and very atmospheric. The current buildings are Victorian but there’s been a market on that spot since Lord knows when
  • Broadway Market/Towpath: Walk from Angel to Broadway Market in Hackney along the tow path on The Regent’s Canal. Broadway market has a bunch of cute restaurants and shops but Saturday is market day. (You can also just take the 55 bus from Old Street directly to Broadway Market, but if it’s a nice Saturday morning, the walk from Angel to Broadway Market is lovely)
  • Colombia Road Flower Market – a great Sunday morning thing to do
  • Brick Lane Market / Sunday Up Market – Easily combined with Colombia Road. Brick Lane has street food and little vintage shops. Keep an eye out for Cheshire Street towards the top of Brick Lane, closer to Colombia Road. Watch for the Sunday UpMarket around Hanway Street, I think. Tons of little booths with fun things
  • Also worth a wander is Redchurch Street, convenient to both Colombia Road and Brick Lane. That’s new and developing. Some cool stuff there
  • Spitalfields Market – is here as well (another Victorian market), Passport delicious used to love it but now likes the Sunday UpMarket and Colombia Road better
  • Liberty – A London icon and beautiful store
  • Selfridges – Beautiful department store
  • Dover Street Market – Now with a NYC outpost but nothing beats the original store
  • Water Bus from Camden Lock to Little Venice. Passport Delicious loves this. Never gets old or tired, even though it’s a little touristy. So pretty and peaceful and there are some nice pubs in Little Venice. (Can’t think of anywhere in particular off the top of my head
  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – Opens to the public April 5th 2014 – There is that huge 300 feet tall Anish Kapoor observation tower there and the planting in the gardens was heavily influenced by the Highline in NYC

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.47.11 PM

  • The Hoxton – In the fun Shoreditch area – boutique hotel – reasonable rates
  • Soho House – Any location they are all so beautiful
  • Again too many options it is really about budget here

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.46.39 PM

So what is missing? What should I not miss out on experiencing?


21 responses to next stop || LONDON

  1. yonderlist

    I’ve been following your blog for a few years (under a different username, 50 States Design Project & Geographic Designer), but I haven’t visited in awhile. I just wanted to say that coming back is quite the experience. You guys have really done a lot with the site. I love the redesign! And it’s nice to see old connections moving up in the world :) Good luck as you write all your new guides and itineraries!

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    • Valentine Post Author

      Thanks for the kind words & feedback – finding time with a full-time job is hard – but hope to get lots of new material up soon.


  2. rudyhou

    i LOVE Borough Market. went to the market twice during my visit to london a few years back.


  3. Nussaibah

    I’d recommend going to Ceviche, a Peruvian restaurant in Soho. I went there last time and cannot wait for when I’m in London to be able to go again. Just a heads up, if you’re not much of a raw/semi-raw fish fan, then it wouldn’t be for you.


  4. wakeorsleep

    If you’re an Ottolenghi fan, you should try Honey & Co. on Warren Street. It’s run by a former head chef and a former pastry chef from Ottolenghi, and the food is still high quality but with a much lower price tag and a better atmosphere, in my opinion.

    As for Indian restaurants, take it from a native – the Cinnamon Club is fantastic but if you want something authentic and really delicious, Dishoom and Tayyab’s are the places to be.

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  5. The Very Hungry Londoner

    A good list. On Redchurch street is Burro e Salvia, a lovely fresh pasta place, great for lunch. At Borough make sure you get a BreadAhead doughnut, and head to Maltby Street, 5 minutes away which has more great food stalls and a lovely gin place as well. It’s a bit quieter than Borough Market. Also Kerb at Kings Cross has some great street food… I could go on… let me know if you want any more suggstions!


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