next stop || ITALY


I have hardly caught up on washing + sleep + got back on the right timezone after London and we are off to Italy tomorrow to stay in another incredible property by the ever so talented Patrizio Fradiani. You might recall our last visit to one of his other Italian properties back in 2012 [blogged here & published here], and his Mexican location back in 2011 [blogged here & published here], the newest location is in the town on Monteleone d’Orvieto. We will spend time exploring the area so if you have any recommendations we would love to hear about them. So far we have a trip planned to Bologna to eat three meals and visit the birthplace of pasta. I am super unprepared for this trip planning wise. This is my sad little list so far:


HELP! I need some suggestions anyone got any tips???


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  1. Erin E.

    Ahhh I loooove Italy! If you go to Orvieto, you must eat at Trattoria del Orso – the owners treat all their patrons like family and the food is incredible! The cathedral in Orvieto is absolutely stunning. I haven’t spent much time in Bologna, but I did study in Florence for 6 months, so if you make it up that way I have many more suggestions for you :)

    Most importantly – wine and gelato with every meal.

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  2. inpursuitofadventureblog

    I would definitely suggest Orvieto. It is one of my favorite walled cities in Italy and it has fantastic food as well. I have never had been boar or taglietelle with truffles before. It is definitely worth stopping there.

    Santa Marinella is a great beach if you head to the seaside as well. There are also fantastic Etruscan ruins all over Umbria that are fun to check out as well


  3. amamic1

    You’re situated in Umbria, but also very close to Tuscany, so your options are many and varied. Umbria is a little more under the radar than Tuscany, though, but offers some incredible destinations. I don’t know how long you’re staying and if you have a car, but I’d say definitely try and visit Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto and Montepulciano.

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    • Valentine Post Author

      I have a Rick Steves book packed : ) No time to get an amazon delivery – I hope it will do the trick : )


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