street art || LONDON

London 4.14-130 London 4.14-239

I always love wandering the streets of a city checking out what the local & international talent have created on abandoned buildings, construction walls, bridges and anywhere else they can reach without getting caught. My friend Passport Delicious went on a guided tour in London, we didn’t have time, but it might be the best way to see the highlights + get the back story + learn about the artists. Here is some of what I captured on my journeys to my destination on foot, taking a moment to enjoy the street art whenever it caught my eye.

London 4.14-131 London 4.14-204 London 4.14-235 London 4.14-237 London 4.14-205 London 4.14-206 London 4.14-208 London 4.14-209 London 4.14-220 London 4.14-225 London 4.14-207 London 4.14-230 London 4.14-231 London 4.14-232 London 4.14-233 London 4.14-234 London 4.14-238 London 4.14-241 London 4.14-243 London 4.14-248


12 responses to street art || LONDON

  1. nimslake

    Wow! Amazing shots! I’ve never seen so much artistry. Graffiti here is squiggles, someone tagging things which if BORING. And right now a nuisance because just nothing.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. leaping14

    These photos are incredible! Thank you for the suggestion of a guided tour. I look forward to visiting London and experiencing it’s amazing street art in person.

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    • Valentine Post Author

      Thanks Scott – lovely to meet you – hope to see you again later this year at another event. And if you ever get to Chicago let me know.


      • W. Scott Koenig

        Great to meet you as well! I used to spend a LOT of time in Chi-Town years ago when I lived in Ohio. A great city and I will definitely let you know if I make it back sometime!


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