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Fresh off the plane, and a red-eye flight ready to roll on very little sleep, I oddly had a craving for oysters. Some old mates shoved me in the car and whisked me away to the sea-shore to this rickety old wooden shed for lunch – The Company Shed. What a charming little adventure it turned out to be. First off – the town West Mersea is darling, tiny ye-olde thatched roof buildings perfect for weekend rentals, for short people, the spaces are tiny and the roof lines are low, but so charming. The Company Shed is a family business that sprouted from an oyster farm. It’s not fancy – bring your own bread – bring your own booze – and any special condiments you might desire. Order at the counter, take a seat and wait for your tasty treats to arrive. We sucked down some fresh-off-the-boat oysters, enjoyed their seared scallop salad with tomato & bacon, and turned our hands into fishy fingers eating the chilled prawns. Cheap, cheerful and fresh as can be – consumed in a suitably suspect environment – compete with plastic table cloths and wobbly mis-matched chairs. I swear the setting makes it taste all that much better, like you have uncovered a little treasure to share with the world. A short walk down the pier to see what the locals were up to, and then off we promptly trotted before the high-tide rolled in and the island was cut-off from the mainland. Check out this review. A jolly good adventure.



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