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London 4.14-139

London 4.14-140

London 4.14-141

London 4.14-142

London 4.14-143

London 4.14-144

London 4.14-145

London 4.14-146

London 4.14-147

London 4.14-148

London 4.14-149

London 4.14-150

London 4.14-151

London 4.14-152

London 4.14-153

Passport Delicious offered up some great tips for my recent visit to London, tips she collected whilst she lived in the London. Getting on the WaterBus from Little Venice and heading to Camden Locks was one of those great suggestions. It made for a lovely morning, drifting on the calm canals, meandering through Hyde Park, whispering past the London Zoo, and onto the hustle & bustle of Camden Markets. Added bonus, on the way to get the water bus we stumbled across the charming Clifton Nurseries established in 1851 [read the history here] tucked into a hidden spot in the middle of a rather posh neighborhood. We ducked in for a lookie-loo and low and behold – we discovered an even more charming spot inside – the Quince Tree Cafe, had we known we would have allowed time for some breakfast or a snack.

London 4.14-135 London 4.14-132 London 4.14-134 London 4.14-133


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