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Camden Lock Market in London is well-known, but to be honest it is not for me. It is heavy on tacky crap that personally no-one needs. You seriously need to have a lot of time to maybe / possibly find a good treasure. On the plus side – there currently are some great food stalls to be tried, and they greet you right as you disembark the water bus. The Global Food Kitchen offers some seriously good street food, and can make it worth the trip – if you are hungry. Want some more fast tasty feats in London check out the tips on Chowzter.

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11 responses to eat & see || CAMDEN LOCK MARKET

  1. tristanpetit

    Really nice pictures, I live in Camden but thanks for taking me back there during my trip around the world one, of my favourite places in London!


  2. leannejordan2012

    I love Camden, you have really captured the vibrance. Did you find this photography difficult? I always find street photography so hard. I find nature a lot slower haha and abandoned buildings an easier target to capture.


    • Valentine Post Author

      The photos I took on a regular camera [Fuji X100s] and then made them into a GIF file – you can do this with free downloadable software.

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