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Oustanding Park Lot.002

So when a blogger + location scout + photographer + production motor home co. get together to think of what they can donate to a charity auction to raise money for a preemie baby with some hefty hospital bills – things get a little ‘creatively-resourceful’. What we came up with was to host a dinner event inspired by ‘Outstanding in the Field’, and somewhat reminiscent of a one-time ‘booze-infused-evening-picnic’ we had – with take-out in an empty city lot next to the motor home. We called it ‘Outstanding in the Parking Lot’. A dinner party that was going to offer the bidder a unique experience; something never seen before; destination specific; part gourmet but really more ‘white-trash’.





The guests were sent on a mission to get to the ‘secret’ destination. Once gathered at the home of the Charity Auction Winner – they received a text with instructions to head to a liquor store. At the liquor store they had to provide a password to the staff, and in-turn they were given two cases of PBR and a bottle of Jack Daniels. On one of the beer boxes directions to the location were provided. Once the guests arrived, they were treated to cocktails in coffee mugs & nibbles: including a passed ‘cigar’ course  of pretzels & crab dip served in an ashtray: along with PBJ finger sandwiches served in a pizza box to set the mood.




We even set-up a lounge area to host the reception cocktails, and later for relaxing in after dinner – where we removed the cow hides and brought in a fire pit. And for added entertainment there was the opportunity for diners to get in a round or two of ‘parking-lot-bowling’ – with a real bowling ball & Nehi Soda Bottles for pins.






Eventually the guests settled in for dinner, seated at the dining table decked out in a duct-tape table-setting. Candles, vases, placemats, napkin rings, table cloth, plastic serving ware and favor bags – nothing went without a duct-tape treatment.





Dinner consisted of these courses: 1] watermelon gazpacho with feta; 2] a palette cleaners of Lemon Sorbet [passed in the container wrapped in a brown paper bag with wooden spoons; 3] a trio of dishes served in a cookie tin – al pastor walking taco + green chili cheeseburger + lime dressing coleslaw; 4] final dish – a tiramisu served in a mason jar. We were kinda busy getting these dishes out, and we missed the photo opportunities at this point and didn’t capture every dish.






It was a really fun event to host, and we hope the guests enjoyed it as much as we did in putting it together for a great cause. You never know – for a charity event – we might be able to be talked into doing it again. To see more pictures head to instragam and check-out #OITPL. Photography by Bob Coscarelli. Location by Levinson Locations. Motorhome by MoPro Chicago. Table Setting by Rome & Home.

Oustanding Park Lot.002


5 responses to eat || OITPL

  1. lavenderbreath

    First timer here. Thought the front page blew me away, when I clicked on Itineraries I was even MORE blown away, and now I was to settle down with tea on your Journals but… I guess I’m not meant to be on earth at this rate. I LOVED the cause, and the ideas/efforts that went into it. Gives me a lot of inspiration in fundraising ideas for the up coming year at Uni! Keep up this amazing work!



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