we are back || LAKE MICHIGAN

Michigan-July4-2014.001We hope that everyone had a lovely July 4th weekend. This was my first July 4th as an American Citizen – so I wanted to do something extra special to celebrate.

Michigan-July4-2014.002We headed to Michigan with Banksy for 6 days, and spent our time in a wee-little cabin right on Lake Michigan that we found on airbnb. We loved every minute we spent there and really didn’t want to come home – but work calls – got to pay the bills. Here are some snaps from our trip, if you want to see more head to instagram for more #michiganlakehouseadventures. There was plenty of great food & booze that we shared with friends and family that popped by for a meal or two. The sunsets were fantastic, the fireworks over the water were never-ending, and the weather was divine. It truly was the perfect July 4th weekend. What did you get up to?



12 responses to we are back || LAKE MICHIGAN

  1. Andrea

    Michigan is one of my favorite places to spend times in the summer. Your pictures really captured why it’s so great. Looks like you had a great time!

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  2. Sonya

    Love the photos! Especially the lower left photo in the last collage (all the hands reaching in to pass around the food). I’ve followed your IG — looking forward to more :)

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