next stop || PARIS

DSC_6184So many ‘french’ have said why are you going to Paris in August – everything is closed down. I find this hard to believe – EVERYTHING. Yes – we are heading to Paris for a week in August and we have absolutely no concern for the fact that SOME restaurants or boutiques might be closed or operating on reduced hours, we will just need to be flexible & maybe plan a little more. So take-that you nay-saying Frenchies we are coming to your town, maybe you should be thankful that you will be gone and just politely say ‘enjoy’. Anyway, here is a list of resources that we have gathered:

Do you have any recommendations for us? Please leave them in the comments section, we would love to hear them.


16 responses to next stop || PARIS

  1. Nata

    A Sunday in August definitely EVERYTHING is closed. By some groceries in advance of Sunday!


  2. Kinisi

    I definitely recommend going to the top of the Montparnasse Tower for one of the best views of Paris (I’m sure nothing would beat the Eiffel Tour, however from Montparnasse you get the cityscape that INCLUDES the beautiful Eiffel – it’s also not nearly as busy with crowds). It could be the biggest eye sore in the city, being a stand alone high rise, however it makes a brilliant viewing platform. There are cards around the rooftop that show you what you’re looking down at as well! A trip out to Versailles to see the gardens are also a must. Food-wise, we had brilliant meals at Cave La Bourgogne. I have a couple of posts up from my recent visit to Paris – feel free to check them out :)


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