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We have always been curious about home exchange or home swap programs & sites and had shopped around over the years. It wasn’t until we received an invitation to join Behomm that we jumped at the chance. You see – the difference between Behomm and all other home swap programs is that they are the “first site to exchange homes for vacations only for designers and visual artists”. The homes available are located all over the world and because everyone is in a design or visual arts line of business the houses are – well – visually stunning and artfully designed.

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We have already made one exchange, and will be making our second on our upcoming trip to France. The great thing about the site is that it allows you to make your own arrangements with the home owners, allowing for a great deal of flexibility in the arrangement. In our first home swap – we swapped services for our house. Over thanksgiving we had planned to visit Hong Kong, at the same time we received an offer to exchange in Austin, Texas. We said yes, and instead exchanged our home for branding work. In the end not only did we get some amazing high quality services and they got somewhere to stay in Chicago, but we also made friends. On a recent trip to NYC we met up in person and keep in contact through Instagram and Facebook.  We have received many offers to exchange, and sometimes the timing hasn’t worked out, however the conversations have been fantastic – sharing design ideas and inspiration. The site is not just about home exchange – it has created an international community – and we are excited to be apart of it.

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To find out more about Behomm head to their site, and if you are a designer or visual artist they are currently [at the time of publishing] offering a one year free trial, you should join the community, we highly recommend it. We also recognize it is not a program for everyone, if you are trusting of strangers and believe people are kind-hearted and good – go for it – you never know what adventures it will take you on.

[Photos sourced from – Behomm]


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