5 o’clock cocktail || NEGRONI


Those that follow Roam&Home on instagram know that I have an obsession with the 1919 cocktail the ‘Negroni’. In fact, I haven even gone so far with my obsession as to started a hashtag called #dailynegroni. Not familiar with this drink? Orson Welles was quoted saying in 1947 about the cocktail “The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other.” It’s a simple drink. 1 part Gin + 1 part Campari + 1 part Vermouth. Here is the story behind my fave cocktail – give it a turn and don’t forget to hashtag it #dailynegroni.


2 responses to 5 o’clock cocktail || NEGRONI

  1. Nellie Miteva

    *frantically checking out the tag on IG* Loving the vibrant colours on those pics! Truly regretting that I haven’t yet had a negroni, but I’ll be sure to do so ASAP (and tag it ofc.)


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