research || TRAVEL LUGGAGE

Perfect travel luggage.002

1. Tumi – Frequent Traveler Expandable 2 Wheeled Carry On  2. Anya Hindmarch – Lotions & Potions 3. Anya Hindmarch – Jewelry Case  4. Anya Hindmarch – Suncreams 5. Anya Hindmarch – Make-Up bag

Perfect travel luggage.002

6. Eagle Creek – Garment Fold  7. Eagle Creek – Quarter & Half Tube Cube 8. Eagle Creek – Pack-it Cube 9. Eagle Creek – Pack-it Half Cube

After many years of travel I have finally settled on the perfect packing system. With the items above I am good to travel on business or leisure trips that range from overnight to 2-3 weeks. The suitcase has been with me for close to 18 years now, although it is my second version of the case, I stayed with the same style. It is larger than an international carry-on bag so it does need to be checked when in Europe. It’s the perfect size especially when packed easily using the Eagle Creek packing systems, I have my whole family hooked on these items. They are well made and last forever, I only recently changed to all red so that it was easier to determine which are my husbands and which are mine.  And lastly I was immediately taken with the travel accessories for toiletries + make-up + jewels from Anya Hindmarch mine are all in red [matching my Eagle Creek], they are pricey, but I scored them on sale from The OutnetWhat are your favorite travel luggage items?


6 responses to research || TRAVEL LUGGAGE

  1. Krista

    ziploc bags!!! no seriously, you know I am all lipault these days. Tumi too pricey. Lipault not indestructible enough for me though. Muji is next!

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