we are back || TULUM MEXICO




We got back a few weeks ago now from visiting TULUM Mexico, and with a few nights in Playa Del Carmen. What a fun trip! It had been 8 years since we last visited, things have certainly changed in the sleepy village, we are still not sure how we feel about it, we are indifferent at this point. The accommodation is well and truly overpriced now, and the restaurants are US prices, there are not a lot of great deals to be found. The area however is still lovely, just more built up and needs to be shared with many more people. Lots of great restaurants and little shops, but the beach is still as glorious as ever. A quick tip – if you are traveling there make sure you take plenty of cash. The machines are rampant with ATM fraud, and everywhere you go they really only take cash. More soon. In the meantime see our Instagram feed here.




5 responses to we are back || TULUM MEXICO

  1. Hedgers Abroad

    Lovely photos, as always! It’s always a bit disheartening to see a place you once fell in love with turned into a tourist hot spot. That’s our fear for El Nido in the Philippines. Ah well. Hold onto the memories!


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